The Perfect Caipirinha

Cachaça indicada


Quantidade necessária

5 min

Tempo de preparo

1 glass

Rendimento da receita

So now you’ve found your perfect Cachaça, it’s time to get down to the business of how to make the perfect caipirinha. When it comes to limes, the juicier the better. You’ll ideally want a thin, smooth skin… not lumpy. Green, fresh… simple.

When it comes to the sugar, you’ll want a fine sugar. A thick lumpy sugar is a foul addition to any caipirinha. Sucking through a straw and you get a mouthful of undissolved sugar? Get out of town!

And now comes the contentious part… how to combine these fine ingredients to create a glass of magic? There are a couple of different strategies, and I’m sure many an eye has been blackened during fiery debates.

Stir or shake? Shake or stir? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.


You will need:

. a muddler
. a shaker
. A long-handled spoon (optional, depending on whether you want to shake or stir)
. 2 good sized limes
. 1 tablespoon of fine sugar
. lots of ice.
. a bottle of Cachaça Salinas Cristalina
. your favourite glass (size dependant on your love of the drink)


. Wash the lime, and then remove the tops and bottoms. Just enough to expose the fruit underneath.
. Chop the limes into 8 (half, half, half).
. Drop them into your shaker.
. Pour the sugar over the limes.
. Take your muddler and give it all a good smooshing. Don’t destroy the limes… just encourage them to release their heavenly juices.
. Fill the shaker with ice, whilst still leaving a little breathing room.
. Pour the delicious Salinas over the ice. Between 4 and 6 seconds provides a silky smooth balance. A longer pour leads to mischief and smiles, but comes with a potential morning-after headache warning.
. If you favour the stirring method, now is the time to get your long-handled spoon, dig it in deep and give it 6 firm swirls.
. If you favour the shaking method, place the lid on the shaker and shake it with passion. It helps if you channel the power of your inner Brazilian and shake your body whilst shaking the shaker. The body shaking is directly proportional to the eventual taste.
. After the shaking/stirring, it’s time to pour into your favourite glass. Make sure you get a good mix of lime, ice and liquid.